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Forté Academy of the Arts offers music lessons for students of all ages and levels

Early Childhood Music Classes in San Diego

Early Childhood Music Classes

Experts agree that music is an excellent vehicle for early childhood development! Not only does music bring joy to your child, it helps their neural networks make connections needed for enhanced social and intellectual development. Each class is small in size and focuses on a narrow age range (3-5 years of age) with a musical atmosphere of play, song and dance. Our comprehensive music readiness classes for younger children are great preparation for overall musicianship and eventual private lessons.

Private Music Lessons in San Diego, CA

Private Music Lessons

Forté Academy of the Arts offers exceptional music lessons to students of all ages and levels in a fun and engaging environment. We focus on core principles and incorporate the music you enjoy. Beginning students can expect to start with the fundamentals, learn proper technique, rhythm, and reading music in a variety of genres. Intermediate to advanced students continue to experience progress with increased proficiency in technique in addition to mastering significant repertoire and developing overall musicianship.

Private Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons

At Forté Academy, our voice faculty can help you achieve your goals by providing a singing/voice lesson program based on your vocal range and musical interests. Our voice lessons are offered to students above age 6 and are the most comprehensive voice lessons in San Diego County. A variety of genres can be explored including musical theatre, pop, classical and more in your voice/singing lessons. Beginning to advanced students learn the fundamentals of proper posture, correct breath management and vocalization. Learn to sing the music you love!

Art class in San Digo

Private Art Lessons

The art program at Forté is unique in North County. Our instructors are excellent at teaching all of the fundamentals, intermediate and advanced techniques of art like shading, proportion, and building complex shapes from simple shapes in a way that is fun and helps our students create amazing masterpieces. Student enjoy painting, sketching, cartooning, portraiture and more.  Come by to register and begin developing your creative talent. Call 760-622-6336 for more information!

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