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Forte Music Academy in San Diego, CA



Why should my child study music at an early age?

  • An exposure to music early in life helps children develop social skills and build confidence. It also helps make neural connections in the brain to develop memory and foster creativity!

  • Children enjoy learning with friends and can benefit from each others’ progress through lessons and classes.


Why study at FAA rather than a private teacher at home?

  • In a school environment students have access to a variety of highly qualified faculty and exposure to students at all levels in many instruments

  • Students have the opportunity to attend and perform at professional quality recitals in our own auditorium at no additional charge 

  • FAA can schedule two or more family members at the same time to make lessons more convenient

  • By having lessons at our school, there are no distractions (text messages, ringing phones, Facebook or sibling interruptions) so we can provide 100% individual attention to our students


Where do I begin?

Our flexible music lesson programs are designed for you! Each student is unique and we will strive to meet your individual needs. Register today by calling us at 760-622-6336 and we will be happy to guide you through the enrollment process.


What is the teaching schedule?

We operate year round with open enrollment, so you can start anytime.


What teaching methods are used?

Each instructor is guided by a broad and flexible curriculum using a diverse set of approaches tailored for each individual student including traditional methods and Suzuki.


What exactly is the difference between traditional methods and Suzuki?

In a nutshell, Suzuki teaches students to first learn to play music by rote while most traditional methods emphasize learning to read written music from the beginning. The Suzuki method does require more parental involvement in the lessons and daily home teacher. Both methods have weekly private lessons. Students of either method will become musicians with proper technique, listening skills, and music notation reading skills. Our staff is happy to help you determine the best method for you.


What if my child is interested but not gifted in music?

  • We believe that any exposure to music can positively impact your child’s development in other areas of life as well

  • Enjoyment and having fun while learning music is first and foremost – we emphasize the process!


What styles of music can I learn?

We offer instruction in a variety of styles and genres, including classical, jazz, and pop. Don’t see something you are interested in? Let us know – we will work with you to meet your interest.


I am an adult – Can I take lessons at your school?

Yes! Our adult program is designed to help adults start any instrument. Emphasis is placed on music for recreation and prepares you for opportunities to perform individually or in a group setting as well. Did you know that music has many health benefits too? We also provide lesson times during lunch breaks, weekends and evenings to accommodate your busy schedule.

How do you choose your teachers?

All of our teachers have vast experience in teaching and instrument specific university degrees. Our teachers also have extensive performing and/or recording experience. After a lengthy interview process and background/reference checks, we only hire those teachers who are caring, nurturing, and imaginative educators passionate about their teaching.

Have more questions – Call us at 760-622-6336! We are happy to help!

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