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Early Childhood Music Classes in North San Diego

Experts agree that music is an amazing vehicle for early childhood development! Music bring joy to your child and it helps their neural networks make connections needed for enhanced social and intellectual development. Our classes are small in size and focus on a narrow age range (3-5 years of age) with a fun environment of play, song and dance. Our comprehensive music readiness classes for children are great preparation for overall musicianship and eventual private lessons.

Forte Seasons Early Childhood Class in SD



Forte Seasons Early Childhood Music in SD

Preschool Music (Ages 3-5)


Our preschool music classes are designed with age appropriate activities for children to encourage play, exploration and expanded musical learning for children. Lessons present a variety of musical genres including fun songs from around the world, contemporary music, and selections from classical music. The classes will provide your child with a newfound understanding of music and ideas to support  your child’s social and cognitive development. Parents of our students expressed that this is a wonderful class for children to establish listening skills and a sense of beat.


Classes foster the growing toddler’s desire to be independent! Children are given the opportunity to prepare for independent singing and play age appropriate instruments. This fun-filled program for toddler's also builds self-confidence, communication and social skills along with a focus on early literacy. Multiple genres of music are introduced to broaden the musical palette of both the child and the parent. Live performances on real instruments and quality educational musical instruments are an essential part of class.

Expand your child’s growing curiosity with any of our classes for pre-schoolers! The preschool classes at Forte Academy will guide your child through and exploration of age appropriate instruments to enhance their musical, cognitive and physical development. Children will learn a number of musical comparatives. The introduction of early music concepts enhances overall musicianship and lays the foundation for school-aged skills.  This age group also prepares rhythmic and notation reading for use in our private music lessons.

Our classes encourage your school-aged child’s creativity and self-expression through music literacy! We’ll develop skills in concentration, memory, rhythmic and notation reading in preparation for eventual private music lessons and school readiness. Students will continue developing good auditory skills through play and ensemble work while learning more about famous composers and music from a variety of cultures. Students will have the unique opportunity to showcase what they have learned twice a year at Forte Academy’s student recitals.

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